Protection of @ru-mails 

Only emails complying with specific email standards will be sent from @ru-mail addresses. We are by this means blocking phishing emails and malicious software from being sent from a fake Radboud sender. In most cases, you will not notice the introduction of these measures. There are, however, certain situations where action may be required, i.e. when you have manually set up to send emails via your provider's SMTP service and when you send emails to external mailing lists.

SMTP service and sending emails 

If you have manually set up to send emails from your @ru-mail address through your service provider’s SMTP service, these emails may not be delivered to the recipient as intended. This is because of new security measures for securing your email account. To ensure that you can send emails without any problems, you should change this setting. The standard method for receiving and sending emails (Exchange), for example via the mail application on your (mobile) workstation or the Microsoft365 environment via your browser, ensures that you do not have any problems receiving and sending emails. You can change this in your account settings.

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Sending emails to an external mailing list 

If you are part of an external mailing list, you may run the risk that your contributions are no longer delivered. This may happen when the mailing list forwards your contribution using your Radboud University email address as the sender. Should this problem arise, we recommend that you contact the mailing list administrator and ask them to choose a DMARC-friendly method for sending contributions to the mailing list.