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Publish your scientific research with Radboud University Press. As a leading Diamond Open Access publisher, Radboud University Press serves as a platform for scientists and their research. This enables your knowledge to be accessible to other researchers and increases the impact of your work.

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Radboud University Press grants you the opportunity to publish academic research, such as journals, books, educational resources, and other publications, free of charge. You retain all copyrights and your work is made accessible, without paywalls, to all readers. 

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Radboud University Press’s collection of books and journals is growing steadily. All of our publications can be downloaded for free as PDF files. You can also purchase physical copies of any and all of our publications. 

All of Radboud University Press’s publications are registered under Creative Commons licenses. This allows libraries to incorporate our publications into their catalogues without first obtaining permission. 

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Diamond Open Access 

Radboud University Press is a Diamond Open Access publisher, which means that all of our digital publications are made available free online for anyone, anywhere to read. Diamond Open Access Publishing makes our content accessible to a global audience regardless of economic status.

Diamond Open Access also means that no article or book publishing charge (APC or BPC) is applicable for the authors except when funding is provided specifically for open access publication fees. We allow authors to publish their findings based on the quality of their work and not on the availability of funding.

Open Access publishing removes barriers around the sharing and reuse of content, allowing scientists to build on research published by others, maximising the academic and social impact from research projects.

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If you would like to order more than 20 copies of one of our publications, you can contact us at radbouduniversitypress [at] (radbouduniversitypress[at]ru[dot]nl) for a personal quote. 

If you have any other questions about the services that Radboud University Press provides, feel free to contact us as well.