Here you will find all important information about your salary, such as the amount of your salary, holiday allowance and year-end bonus, salary scales and payment dates.

  • The 30% tax ruling

    If you move from abroad for a job at Radboud University, you may receive 30% of your income as tax-free allowance for a maximum of five years. Visit the page 'The 30% tax ruling' to see if you are eligible.

  • Salary, holiday allowance and end-of-year bonus payment dates

    Your salary will be paid around the 24th day of each month. Your holiday allowance and end-of-year bonus will be paid once a year. See the ‘Salary, holiday allowance and end-of-year bonus payment dates’ page for more information.

  • Amount of salary, holiday allowance and end-of-year bonus

    The amount of your salary is linked to your position. You will also receive an 8% holiday allowance and an 8.3% end-of-year bonus on top of your salary. See the ‘Amount of salary, holiday allowance and end-of-year bonus’ page for more details.

  • Earning more money

    Each year, your salary will increase by one step within your salary scale. You will only be assigned to a new salary scale when you transfer to a new position. You may occasionally make agreements with your supervisor about a higher salary.

  • Salary scales

    Your salary scale is linked to your job title and is determined by your job profile and job level in the current system. For more information, see the ‘Salary scales’ page.

  • Your salary slip

    Each staff member who is employed by the university receives a salary slip; this shows you how much you earn. You can download your own salary slip in BASS. See the ‘Your salary slip’ page for an explanation of the salary strip.