Pocket ashtrays

Radboud University provides a healthy, safe and enjoyable working and studying environment, which is why the campus is smoke-free. There is a ban on smoking, inside and outside, and this aplies for everyone; students, staff, suppliers and visitors. 

If you still want to smoke, you will have to do so outside the campus boundaries, on public municipal land. But do think about the environment and do not carelessly throw your cigarette butts on the ground. Prevent your cigarette butts from polluting the ground and take them to a cigarette pole or store them temporarily in a pocket ashtray. Pocket ashtrays are available at the reception desk of campus buildings. 

Cigarette poles for toxic cigarette butts

Smoking has a serious impact on the environment. The butts contain toxic substances which, along with the plastics the filter is made of, pose a considerable threat to the environment. To prevent litter and damage to the environment and biodiversity, cigarette poles are available along the edge of the campus grounds. These are managed and owned by Peukenzee.

Help out and prevent your cigarette butts from polluting the environment! 

You will find the poles at various places on campus:

Locaties van peukenpalen op de campus

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