Pocket ashtrays

Radboud University has a smoke-free campus. This means that there is a ban on smoking on campus and this applies to everyone: students, staff, suppliers and visitors. If you do smoke on the public road or near the campus borders, please clean up your cigarette butts by throwing them in a cigarette pole or collect them temporarily in a pocket ashtray. These pocket ashtrays are regularly distributed to people who smoke on campus and are available at the reception desks in all buildings. In a pocket ashtray, you can keep your cigarette stubs until you are able to empty your pocket ashtray at a cigarette pole. These cigarette poles are placed and emptied by Peukenzee.

Help keep campus clean and prevent your cigarettes from polluting the environment! You will find the poles at various locations on campus:

Locaties van peukenpalen op de campus

Radboud University has a smoke-free campus. What does that mean?

  • A campus where we ask you to be considerate of others. By keeping the air in and around the buildings free of smoke.
  • A clean campus, which is better for the environment.

Help with quitting smoking

Radboud University is happy to help staff and students quit smoking. This is also part of providing a healthy and safe learning and working environment.

Are you an employee or student at Radboud University and do you want to quit smoking? Then you can join colleagues and fellow students in following the quit program of the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Department (AMD) of Radboud University and Radboudumc.

Contact us

Do you have questions about the smoking policy or pocket ashtrays? If so, please contact us.