Waste separation

We separate waste as much as possible on campus. In order to do this, there are waste separation bins near most offices, lecture halls, and libraries for plastic, cans, beverage containers, coffee cups, and non-recyclable waste. 

Plastic waste

Waste is separated into different waste bins at offices, lecture halls, and libraries. There are larger bins at locations where a lot of plastic waste is generated, e.g. catering facilities.

Organic waste

Organic waste is only collected at locations with kitchen waste, such as the catering services. There is not enough of this waste in other locations to collect it separately.


Paper waste that is not confidential in nature should be disposed of in the paper box at your work location or in the blue bin in the hall. The paper bins are emptied every Wednesday. Paper waste that is confidential in nature must be disposed of in the aluminium bins situated at various locations in the buildings. These bins are emptied on Thursdays if they are at least half full.


Food and beverage glassware (jars, bottles, glasses, etc.) and flat glass (glass sheets/plates) must be disposed of separately. For the disposal of flat glass, please contact Campus & Facilities.


Batteries can be disposed of in the battery bins near the reception desk of the Erasmus building and Forum. In the Elinor Ostrom building, the battery bin is near the pantry on the 3rd floor. In the Maria Montessori building the bin is placed in the logistics room.

Used furniture

Campus & Facilities will handle the disposal of used furniture. You can submit a request to use office furniture or have your furniture collected for reuse. If the furniture is not suitable for reuse, Campus & Facilities will arrange the disposal.


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