Lactation rooms

There are several lactation rooms on campus. Each lactation room is outfitted with a chair and a refrigerator. Lactation rooms can only be accessed with a key. You can request a key for the following lactation rooms via the corresponding email address. Rooms that don't require a key can be locked from the inside with a twist lock.

Check the location overview of all lactation rooms

  • Erasmusgebouw,  first floor, room 01.55A: wim.vanooijen [at]
  • Grotiusgebouw, ground floor, room 00.104 : henry.spaan [at] 
  • Trigon, second floor, kamer 02.227: admin [at]
  • Trigon, second floor, kamer 02.226: admin [at]
  • Elinor Ostromgebouw, second floor, room 02.322: ferdinand.pol [at]
  • Huygensgebouw, first floor, room 01.035: geen sleutel nodig
  • Huygensgebouw, third floor, room 03.032: geen sleutel nodig
  • Berchmanianum, third floor, room 03.234: geen sleutel nodig
  • Maria Montessorigebouw,  first floor, room 01.079 : saskia.menting-hermeling [at]
  • Maria Montessorigebouw, second floor, room 02.021: saskia.menting-hermeling [at]


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