Reserving a space in the University Chaplaincy

The University Chaplaincy has several spaces that students and staff can reserve to host activities. Some spaces, such as quiet rooms and prayer rooms, can be used without a reservation. Contact us by mail or phone to reserve a room.

Church or chapel space

The church room is open during office hours for prayer and silence. You can also light a candle here. You can reserve the space for activities consistent with the function of the space. It is primarily a space for prayer; lectures unrelated to religion are not possible. 

Course room

On the first floor in room 0.11 and on the second floor in room 1.11 workshops/(Bible) courses and other group meetings (such as grief support group) take place. Room 0.11 is equipped with a projector.

Living room / Meet-up space / Kitchen

The living room/kitchen 0.09 has a projector. The kitchen is equipped with cooking equipment and can cook for up to 40 people.

(Silent) garden

During introduction week, study associations sometimes hold a barbecue in the garden. Other associations also use the garden from time to time. Once a year, the Green Week takes place in the garden. There is also a small part of the garden available for gardening; no reservation is needed for this, but you should report to one of the pastors.


To keep the spaces accessible to everyone, there are a few rules associated with reserving spaces.

  • Booking rooms is only for students at Radboud University and the Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen.
  • It is not allowed to consume alcohol in the University Chaplaincy.
  • In some cases the University Chaplaincy is already closed when you need the space. In this case, you can collect the key in advance from the secretariat. Do this on the same day before 3 p.m. unless arranged otherwise. When picking up the key, you will get a brief explanation about the spaces and how to lock the space.

If you want to use the kitchen/living room:

  • Please bring your own tea towels for dishes. Would you like to serve coffee and tea? If so, bring this yourself as well.
  • We find it important that everyone can use clean rooms. Therefore, please tidy up after use and leave the room as you found it.
  • If you organize a barbecue, this can only be done on gas. You cannot barbecue on charcoal or electricity.


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