There are four banner hanging areas on campus, these are located near:

  •     Aula
  •     Heyendaal House (Radboudumc)
  •     Huygens building
  •     University Library

You can request to hang a banner in one or more locations. The costs for hanging and collecting are €40. A banner can remain hanging for a maximum of two weeks.

Banner conditions

  • Maximum dimensions: 60 cm x 500 cm
  • The banner must be made of suitable material. The ends must be fitted with sound fastening eyes that prevent the banner from ripping out. Campus & Facilities provides the suspension cords.
  • The text on the banner must not be offensive or insulting, or contradict text on other banners. Banners with texts of a political nature or commercial announcements are not allowed.
  • Banners must be delivered to Erasmuslaan 5 no later than 3 days before the hanging date. You can pick up the banner after the deadline. Banners not collected after three months will be destroyed.


You can submit the application up to three months before the hanging date.



To collect your banner, you can make an appointment directly with the manager.

Het afleveren of ophalen van een spandoek kan op Erasmuslaan 5 (Gebouw GWT).
Openingstijden: maandag t/m donderdag 7.30 – 15.30 uur. Bij afwezigheid, bel 06 133 924 68.

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