Corporate identity

Our house style: fonts, colors and other guidelines.

  • Visual language

    Radboud University wants to be recognisable to the outside world, and to its staff members and students, which is why we use visual language. These are characteristics that the images must meet. The ‘Visual language’ page contains more information.

  • Icons

    If you wish to use icons in your online and offline communications, click here to find out about using icons that comply with Radboud University’s house style.

  • Colours

    Bright red (‘Red Impact’) is the central colour in all corporate marketing activities and communications. More information about the basic colour and the additional colours is available on the ‘Colours’ page.

  • Font

    Radboud University uses the Open Sans font. This font is used online and offline and has been installed on the computers in Radboud University’s workspaces. The standard font is Open Sans Regular 9 pt.

  • Logo

    If you plan to use the Radboud University logo in your communications, you will need to follow the guidelines that are listed on the ‘Logo’ page.