Handy templates for formatting your Powerpoint presentation, letter, and other documents in our house style.

  • PowerPoint template

    Radboud University wants to be easily recognisable in every presentation, which is why it uses the PowerPoint template. This template is available via the ‘PowerPoint template’ page.

  • Template background for videocalls

    If you video call via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you can use a virtual background in the Radboud University corporate identity. On this page you find how to install a template and how to set up a virtual background.

  • Letter template

    The university’s house style templates for official letters, memos and reports are available via the ‘Letter template’ page.

  • Email signature template

    The ‘Email signature template’ page contains information about using a permanent email signature for your email programme.

  • Video templates

    We want Radboud University to be easily recognisable in our videos, which is why we use the templates on the ‘Video templates’ page. Use of these video templates is mandatory.