Blocked password

Your password will be blocked if you:

  1. did not change your password in time;
  2. changed your password while you were still logged in somewhere else;
  3. entered your password incorrectly too many times. 

Reactivating your password

Follow the instructions to reactivate your password.

1. Not changed in time:

Contact the ICT Helpdesk. You will need to mention that your password has been blocked. You will receive an email from the ICT Helpdesk, which will enable you to reactivate your password. 

2. Changed while still logged in somewhere else

Contact the ICT Helpdesk and they will help you immediately.

3. Entered password incorrectly too many times

You will not be able to log in for half an hour. Once the half hour is up, you will be able to log in again with your correct password. Or you can contact the ICT Helpdesk and they will help you immediately.


Need help? Contact the ICT Helpdesk:

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