OneDrive (for Business) is the Microsoft cloud service where your work- and study-related personal documents are stored.

You can find OneDrive:

Specifications of OneDrive at Radboud University

  • Open and edit files on all your devices (both online and offline);
  • Share internally and externally (with colleagues/students/externs);
  • Stored in the cloud;
  • A deleted document sits in your recycle bin for 90 days. After that, it is permanently gone;
  • 1 TB storage;
  • Files up to 15 GB;
  • If you leave Radboud University, your account will be cancelled and your files on OneDrive will be deleted. Files you have shared with others will no longer be accessible to others after you leave. 

Additional information

Want to get more out of OneDrive? Find video tutorials for OneDrive here

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