FMS Test

FMS stands for Functional Movement Screen. This is a rating system for screening functional (fundamental) movement patterns. By testing these patterns it is possible to identify functional limitations and asymmetry. After the FMS test you have an overview of your scores on the different movement patterns and (if necessary) you get exercises to improve patterns. This can reduce the chance of injuries due to sports.

The FMS test is interesting for everyone who:

  • wants to move/exercise more
  • wants to exercise more intensively
  • experiences complaints during sports
  • is interested in his/her natural exercise pattern

NOTE: do not warm up prior to the FMS test!

The FMS test is not a diagnostic tool. If you experience pain in daily exercise, we advise you to go to a specialist (doctor, physiotherapist, etc). Do you have doubts whether the FMS test is suitable for you? Send your question to our sports advice.

Enrollment FMS test

Non-members can make an appointment at the front desk of the RSC and pay in cash or use their ticket strip. All RSC members can make an appointment for free. The FMS test is offered as a ticket hour. You can register via our website or the RSC app.

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