Medical checklist

We like that you want to come and enjoy our sports offer, but also think it is important that this is medically responsible for you! So before you start, check out the questions below and our subsequent advice:

  1. Do you have a disease of your heart and / or vessels?
  2. Do you have lung disease?
  3. Do you have a serious (sports) injury or complaints to the musculoskeletal system?
  4. Do you have systemic conditions such as rheumatism, diabetes or a neurological disease?
  5. Are you familiar with cancer in your history or are you still under medical treatment?

If you have to answer one or more of the above questions with YES, this is our advice:

  • Have you already taken advice and know what to look out for?
    Then you don't have to take any more action.
  • Do you know what to pay attention to but have no idea which sports and / or exercises are related to this? Then you can request sports advice.
  • Not sure whether you can exercise or what to watch out for?
    Then get advice from your doctor or specialist before you start exercising.
  • Are you aware of a heart problem (for example, high blood pressure, arrhythmias, heart noise)? Do a sports medical examination via HAN Seneca.
  • Do you have or are you being treated for diabetes? Do a sports medical examination via HAN Seneca.
  • Do you use medication that influences exercise? Do a sports medical examination via HAN Seneca.
  • Have you ever become dizzy, fainted, or become unconscious during exercise? Do a sports medical examination via HAN Seneca.

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