Nutrition: information, advice and guidance

Did you know that we can also provide you with all kinds of advice regarding (sports) nutrition? Below you will find an overview of the possibilities. You will need a RSC membership for most services. 

Nutritional documents

The guidelines for Basic nutrition, Sport specific nutrition and Sport supplements below, are prepared to inform you about the setup of a nutrition plan according to the latest insights. The food pyramid consists of 3 levels. The bottom level of the pyramid (basic nutrition) is the foundation and is important for everyone, including athletes. When basic nutrition proves to be insufficient for an athlete and supplementation is necessary, the middle level of the pyramid can be relevant to optimize nutrition status and sport performance; sports specific nutrition.The top level provides an understanding for sport supplementation based on the most recent scientific insights.

Lectures about (sports) nutrition (ticket hour)

We offer various lectures throughout the year. These lectures are offered as ticket hours and are intended for all members interested in (sports) nutrition and/or training. 

Upcoming lectures

Nutritional advice general (ticket hour)

In a one-on-one conversation of 20 minutes with the weight management consultant you will have the opportunity to ask your questions. 

Nutritional advice general

Nutritional advice medical/sports-oriented (ticket hour)

In a one-on-one conversation of 20 minutes, you will have the opportunity to submit your questions to (sports) dietitian Annelies van den Hoven of Die Eet & Sport. 

Nutritional advice medical/sports-oriented

Individual guidance (sports) dietitian

For more profound questions about nutrition & sports or nutrition & health, or to start an individual guidance, everyone is welcome at the (sports) dietitian of Die Eet & Sport. 

Dietitian Practice Die Eet & Sport 

The ideal path to follow

Do you want to know more about nutrition? Then it is best to read our nutritional documents first. Are you, based on this, looking for more background information about a particular topic? Then attend one or more of our lectures. When you have specific questions about nutrition or questions that are medical/sports-oriented in nature? Than book a ticket hour. Do you want individual guidance after this? Then of course this is also possible!

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