A girl sitting on someone's shoulders enjoying a festival
A girl sitting on someone's shoulders enjoying a festival

Sport, culture and recreation

Radboud University offers a broad range of sports and culture. For example, would you like to take a course in singing? Or attend a talk (scientific). Watch theatre, a concert or comedy? Or would you like to work up a sweat in a sports class? It's all possible on our campus!

Team Fitness Radboud Sport & Cultuur

Radboud Sports & Culture

Check out the wide variety of sports and culture activities at Radboud University. With more than 80 different activities, there's something for everyone.

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Lezing Babah Tarawally

Radboud Reflects

Radboud Reflects organises talks on philosophy, religion, ethics, society and culture - for everyone. The national and international scientists that give talks at Radboud Reflects offer you an innovative and profound view of the big questions of these times.

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Student plays guitar

Culture on Campus

Culture on Campus is Radboud University's cultural organisation, which organises films, concerts, comedy, visual arts, literature, theatre and festivals on the campus.

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Radboud Recharge

Radboud Recharge is the ultimate platform for independent scientific news and events.

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