Socratic conversation

Radboud Reflects Professional offers organisations the opportunity to explore a concrete workplace dilemma during a socratic conversation led by an experienced discussion leader.

Socrates is at the foundation of Western philosophy and thinking. His method was unique. He did not dive into the books, but took to the streets. There he sought dialogue with others. During a Socratic conversation, you will discuss a concrete dilemma under the guidance of an experienced discussion leader. The discussion leader challenges you to a conversation in which the underlying motives and principles emerge.

A Socratic discussion is suitable for 6 to 20 participants and, in principle, lasts a half-day session. All participants participate intensively. The participants themselves decide what they want to talk about. Get in touch and ask about the possibilities.

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Socratic conversation themes you can think of are:

How do I discriminate properly at work? How do I do justice to diversity in the workplace? How do I keep work-life balance?

If you have ideas for another theme, we will be happy to discuss them.

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Different theme?

Do the methods or themes offered not quite match your needs? Then get in touch with us. Together, we will find out what you need.

Please contact: professional [at] (professional[at]reflects[dot]ru[dot]nl) or (024) 361 55 55 to discuss the possibilities.