Thalia Ostendorf
Thalia Ostendorf

Anton de Kom: Lessons of an Anti-colonial Resistance Fighter | Lecture and conversation with literary scholar Thalia Ostendorf and political philosopher Mathijs van de Sande

This programme was in Dutch, please visit the Dutch page for the complete recap and review.

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Monday, May 27, 2024 | 20.00 - 21.30 hrs | LUX, Nijmegen | Radboud Reflects and Radboud Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office.

Who was the Surinamese activist, writer and resistance fighter Anton de Kom (1898 - 1945) and what can we learn from him today? Why did he not only campaign for Surinamese workers, but also in the Netherlands for the Indonesian student movement and ultimately against fascism in World War II? Come hear literary scholar Thalia Ostendorf and philosopher Mathijs van de Sande discuss the ideas of Anton de Kom, his radical solidarity thinking and the question of whether De Kom's activism is less applicable today, or more topical than ever.


The review is available in Dutch. 

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