Bertjan Verbeek, Cees Leijenhorst en Nora Stel in gesprek
Bertjan Verbeek, Cees Leijenhorst en Nora Stel in gesprek

Attacks and Counter-attacks: Recent Developments in the Middle East

Tensions in the Middle East have intensified in recent weeks. In response to the Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria, Tehran launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel, primarily from Iranian territory. 99 percent of these were intercepted, thanks in part to the defense systems of Israel, the United States, and Jordan. More countries in the Middle East appear to be getting involved in these rising tensions. How can further escalation be prevented? What are the chances that the conflict will expand further? And how atypical are the developments we are now witnessing? Learn from political scientists Nora Stel and Bertjan Verbeek discussing the recent developments in the Middle East.

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Wednesday 24 April 2024| 12.30 - 13.15 hrs| Lecture Hall Complex, Radboud University| Radboud Reflects |See the announcement.

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