Marcel Becker en Jasper Uiterwaal in gesprek
Marcel Becker en Jasper Uiterwaal in gesprek

Europapa Politics | Current Affairs Lecture with Song Contest expert Jasper Uiterwaal

This programme was in Dutch, please visit the Dutch page for the complete recap and review.


Thursday, March 7, 2024 | 12:30 - 13:15 hrs | College Hall Complex, Radboud University | Radboud Reflects and VOX

The Eurovision Song Contest is not about politics. Right? Nothing could be further from the truth: the Dutch song  'Europapa' by Joost Klein is not the only song that contains political references this year. It even happens that songs have to go back to the drawing board because of too much political content. But when is a song too political and who decides? In what other ways does politics play a role during this event? Learn from board secretary and Eurovison Song Contest expert Jasper Uiterwaal talk about the politics behind the music. Political historian Peter van der Heiden kicks off with a sharp column.



The review is available in Dutch. 

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Peter van der Heiden leest een column voor
Peter van der Heiden, foto Radboud Reflects

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