Protest en muziek | Talk door filosoof Mathijs van de Sande en muziek van Kladderadatsch
Protest en muziek | Talk door filosoof Mathijs van de Sande en muziek van Kladderadatsch

Protest and Music | Radboud Sounds

***Doornroosje | Red Stage | 20:00 - 20:30 hrs***

This talk is part of Radboud Sounds on Friday 14 June 2024 @ Doornroosje (Nijmegen)

What can philosophy teach you about protest? Philosopher Mathijs van de Sande tells you about it. Afterwards, listen to the rousing music of protest music group Kladderadatsch, where Mathijs plays the trombone.

This talk will be held in Dutch.

Protest on the streets involves music. Protest philosopher Mathijs van de Sande explains how music can claim public space, bringing out social and political ideas. Apart from being a philosopher, he is also trombonist and ‘party ideologue’ of street and battle orchestra Kladderadatsch. 
After his talk, Mathijs talks further with former Kladderadatsch member artist Peter Freijsen about the history of the orchestra, among other things. Connect, reflect further on protest, music and philosophy and get carried away in the joyful music of Kladderadatsch. 


The 15-headed Kladderadatsch from Nijmegen was founded 50 years ago to musically support the social struggle for a better world as a street and battle orchestra. With an infectious musical sound of all times, influenced by different cultures and peoples, Kladderadatsch can be found at protest marches, festivals, parties, or in the streets of Nijmegen - and on 14 June in Doornroosje, as the embodiment of music as a form of protest in the public space!

About the speakers

Mathijs van de Sande is a philosopher at Radboud University. He researches democratic legitimacy and the role of protest and social movements. For this he draws on various philosophical movements and traditions, such as anarchism, feminism and (post)Marxism. He plays trombone with Kladderadatsch.

Kladderadatsch - Where Kladderadatsch appears, optimism and cheerfulness emerge. Brass and wood, percussion and drums now fill one another and then go against each other again. No repetition is the same; the music comes in waves, off and on. There is only one remedy: surrender yourself to the music. Watch the video impression.

Peter Freijsen is a former member of Kladderatatsch, social pedagogue, philosopher and artist. 

Radboud Sounds - Protest!

This program is part of Protest! - Radboud Sounds science festival with live music, talks, soundbites and more on Friday, June 14, 2024, at Doornroosje, Nijmegen. Scientists from Radboud University will shine their light on the science of protest from different disciplines. Doornroosje programs the live acts. Put together your own programme and immerse yourself in science and music. Watch the aftermovie of Radboud Sounds 2023.

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