Artwork Rare Jongens
Artwork Rare Jongens

Rare Jongens de podcast. Who Were the Extinction Rebellion of the Roman Age? | Radboud Sounds

***Doornroosje | Purple Stage | 22:35 - 23:05 hrs***

This live podcast is part of Radboud Sounds on Friday 14 June 2024 @ Doornroosje (Nijmegen)

Together with Merijn Doggen, Olivier Hekster addresses the question: who was the Extinction Rebellion of Roman Age?

The podcast will be held in Dutch. 

Who was the Extinction Rebellion of Roman times? Could Romans even protest? If so, how did they do it? And did they get away with it? Come listen to the live recording of a new episode of Rare Boys the podcast and learn from historian Olivier Hekster and presenter Merijn Doggen how Roman protests worked and whether they paid off.

Rare Jongens

How often do you think about Romans? If a recent meme is to be believed, American men do so daily. But what were the Romans thinking about? War, disease and aqueducts perhaps, but - somewhat more unexpectedly - they were likewise thinking about problems we face today. 'Romans were thinking about almost everything we can think of,' says historian Olivier Hekster. 'They were thinking about all sorts of things that we also worry about now, such as peasant protests, the role of women and whether or not to keep the borders open.

Together with Merijn Doggen, Olivier Hekster will explore how the Romans thought about protest. 

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Different view

Doggen: “The power of listening to Olivier's stories about Romans is that you start to look at today's society and problems with a different perspective. That's why it's also fun to listen to if you don't necessarily have anything to do with Romans. ' 

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About the speakers

Olivier Hekster is historian and professor Roman History at Radboud University

Merijn Doggen is chief editor of the Universiteit van Nederland

Radboud Sounds | Science Festival on Protest

This program is part of Protest! - Radboud Sounds Science Festival with live music, talks, soundbites and more on Friday, June 14, 2024, at Doornroosje, Nijmegen. Scientists from Radboud University will shine their light on the science of protest from different disciplines. Doornroosje programs the live acts. Put together your own programme and immerse yourself in science and music. Watch the aftermovie of Radboud Sounds 2023.

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