Stripje van de pil
Stripje van de pil

Resistance to the Pill

Come hear this Soundbite by gender historian Marloes Hülsken at Radboud Sounds: Protest! on June 14th.

The pill is under pressure.  More and more women seem to be ‘pill tired’. It is said to be harmful or unnatural. Young people and influencers share negative experiences on social media and recommend alternative, non-hormonal contraceptives, such as ‘natural contraception’. Where does this opposition to the pill come from? Is it a new form of feminism? And what can history teach about it? Come listen to gender historian Marloes Hülsken on resistance to the pill.

Liberating or oppressive?

The contraceptive pill has been on the Dutch market since the 1960s. This revolutionary drug allowed women to delay motherhood and thus start studying and working. And the very low risk of unwanted pregnancy allowed the sexual revolution to erupt. Thus, the pill meant a lot for women's emancipation. 
But where the pill once liberated women, today more and more women want to free themselves from the pill. And where the pill once made women ‘masters of their own bellies’, they now want to regain ‘control of their own bodies’ by renouncing the pill. Where did this turnaround come from?

About the speaker

Marloes Hülsken works as an associate professor of gender history at Radboud University. She focuses on gender history, oral history and the connection between science and educational practice. Issues concerning diversity and inclusive (history) education are of particular interest to her.

Radboud Sounds | Science festival about protest 

This programme is part of Radboud Sounds | Science Festival on protest. 
With live music, talks, soundbites and more on Friday, June 14, 2024, at Doornroosje, Nijmegen. Scientists from Radboud University shine their light on the science of protest from various disciplines. Doornroosje programmes the live acts. Put together your own programme and immerse yourself in science and music. 
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