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Team Fitness Radboud Sport & Cultuur

Radboud Sport & Culture

Radboud University offers a broad range of sports and culture. With over 80 different activities, long opening hours, and professional guidance, an RSC subscription offers extensive exercise and relaxation opportunities for everyone!

News and Events

Limited schedule Saturday 2 March

As a result of the selection day of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, we have a very limited range of activities on Saturday 2 March between 07:00 and 18:00. Everything that is possible can be found in the RSC app.

Course on Chinese tea culture

On 7 March, the course on Chinese tea culture will start. In eight sessions, Chen Shen will teach you everything about the essence of this ancient culture. This course stems from a Gymnasion Christmas wish.

New! Ticket hour Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a 'soft martial art' that originated from Chinese medicine, martial arts and Taoism and is characterized by flowing movements. As of 5 March, in addition to the course, we also offer a ticket hour 'Tai Chi Chuan introduction'.

Everyone is welcome!

Radboud Sport & Culture's offerings are open to everyone. Students benefit from exceptional rates and alumni receive discounts. Employees, retired employees and individuals can choose from a Fit Card (5x a month) or a Top Fit Card (unlimited). In addition, individual tickets or strip cards are available for some activities, and you can rent a sports facility from us. You are welcome 7 days a week!

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Student on climbing wall

Do what you like! 

With over 80 activities, there is always something you like. You can follow workouts to music, learn to paint, practice free sports such as fitness, tennis or bouldering, as well as sign up for a team sport or a singing or boxing course, for example. 

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