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Team Fitness Radboud Sport & Cultuur

Radboud Sport & Culture

Radboud University offers a broad range of sports and culture. With over 80 different activities, long opening hours, and professional guidance, an RSC subscription offers extensive exercise and relaxation opportunities for everyone!

News and Events

Classical concert Sabina Duo

On Thursday 28 September, Ana Marco Pérez (piano) and Clara Sánchez Hernández (cello) will give you a musical insight into the different faces of their home country Spain. The concert starts at 20:00 in Theatre Hall C.

Internal competition football

Leden van RSC kunnen in teamverband deelnemen aan een door ons georganiseerde interne competitie veldvoetbal. Per competitie is er plek voor 32 teams van 10 personen. Inschrijven voor deelname aan de najaarscompetitie kan tot 21 september!

Theater performance Hunger

On Thursday 14 September, with your RSC subscription you can visit the play Hunger in Theatre Hall C. A theater performance full of battles over bitterballs, declarations of love in crackling candy and a remarkable legacy.

Everyone is welcome!

Radboud Sport & Culture's offerings are open to everyone. Students benefit from exceptional rates and alumni receive discounts. Employees, retired employees and individuals can choose from a Fit Card (5x a month) or a Top Fit Card (unlimited). In addition, individual tickets or strip cards are available for some activities, and you can rent a sports facility from us. You are welcome 7 days a week!

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Student on climbing wall

Do what you like! 

With over 80 activities, there is always something you like. You can follow workouts to music, learn to paint, practice free sports such as fitness, tennis or bouldering, as well as sign up for a team sport or a singing or boxing course, for example. 

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