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At Radboud Sport & Culture we believe it is important that we also contribute to the core activities of Radboud University through knowledge development, innovation and valorization. For this reason, we offer our facilities and participation to support education and research.

By offering a versatile range of sports, cultural and recreational activities, Radboud Sport & Culture wants to make a valuable contribution to the vitality, well-being and development of the academic community. But there's more! We also offer our facilities and participation to support education and research. This offer applies to all research institutes, faculties and educational institutions in secondary vocational education, higher professional education and academic education.

Looking for a location or collaboration 

Are you looking for a location or collaboration for sport or culture-related research? Would you like an internship or do you want to use sports or culture to enrich the educational or the well-being of the academic community? 

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Previous collaborations

Curious about which research institutes, faculties and educational institutions preceded you? Below you will find a number of examples of previous collaborations.


Portret van Bert Steenbergen

Bert Steenbergen, Professor and driving force of 'Active Living', Faculty of Social Sciences. Also vice dean of this faculty: “We have had a very pleasant collaboration with RSC for years. On the one hand, RSC is a 'living lab' for our research, for example into the role of the social network on sports behavior. RSC also participates in our education, for example in the honors course 'Running or freezing’, which started this year. Based on our theme 'Active Living', this collaboration will certainly be further expanded in the future.”

Drie studenten zittend op een trap

Niek, Jennifer and Loek, students at the HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Jennifer: “For my third-year Sports Studies internship, I am working on the 'campus in motion' project. The main question here is how we can motivate the academic community to exercise more. Besides the fact that this is a good assignment, I think Radboud Sport & Culture is a very nice place for an internship with a lot of possibilities and where everyone is very helpful.”

Portret Maria Hopman, Hoogleraar Fysiologie Radboudumc

Maria Hopman, Professor of Physiology Radboudumc: “We have often collaborated with RSC in training studies, and both our participants and we are always very enthusiastic. I certainly see opportunities for follow-up. In addition, from prevention research, a very interesting collaboration would also be possible with the sports data that RSC has available. How often do people exercise, and are there relationships with health, vitality and success?”