Studenten op een hockeyveld
Studenten op een hockeyveld

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Clearing your mind, having fun, pushing your boundaries, working on your vitality or just feeling good about yourself. Whatever your reasons to be active are: Radboud Sport & Culture is the place to do it. With over 80 activities, extensive opening hours and professional guidance, we offer a wide range of exercise and relaxation possibilities for everyone! You can try out lots of new things and there's always something that suits you.

Forms of activity 

With an RSC subscription you can particpate in all Radboud Sport & Culture activities. These activities are offered in the form of ticket hours, courses, club activities and free sports. Below you can find what this means. You can also go directly to an overview of
 all activities

Sports advice and support

Do you want extra guidance or advice when exercising? Are you looking for a dietician or a physical therapist? Do you want to know which activity is right for you or would you like to test your fitness? 

See the overview of our sports advice and support services

Reserving accommodation

At the Gymnasion, various sports rooms, halls and fields are available for free sports and exercise. These facilities can be reserved by both RSC members and non-members.

See the possibilities of reserving sports facilities

Workout videos

When you're at home, you still want to stay active! For this reason, we have recorded a number of sports lessons, so that you can follow them online. 

Check out our workout video's

Internal competition football

Members of the RSC can participate with a team in internal football competitions.

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Groep studenten die buiten korfbal speelt op de velden van het sportcentrum

Student sports & cultural clubs

The Gymnasion is the home of 37 student sports clubs and 19 student cultural clubs. At some of them, you can take courses and there are a few sports that you can only take part in by becoming a member of the club concerned (such as athletics, rowing or baseball). In most cases, you can also play in competitions at these clubs. In principle, everyone with an RSC subscription can join these student sports clubs. The club itself determines its admission policy. In addition to your RSC subscription, you will also pay a membership fee to the club.

Check out a list of of the student sports clubs

Nijmegen Student Sports Council (NSSR)

The Nijmegen Student Sports Council (NSSR) represents the interests of all Nijmegen sports-playing students and is the umbrella organisation for all student sports clubs.

Culture on Campus (CODC)

Culture on Campus represents the cultural student organizations that fall under various disciplines of culture such as music, dance, theater and literature.