On this page you can find all the information that you need in order to study successfully. Read more about using apps for students and digital learning environments, viewing your grades, timetable or study programme, registering for courses and exams, and ordering study books.

  • Apps for students

    See which apps Radboud University offers for students.

  • Binding study advice (BSA)

    The binding study advice (BSA) is issued at the end of the first academic year and determines if you can continue with your study programme.

  • Brightspace

    Brightspace is the digital learning environment of Radboud University. It contains course information, documents, and online lectures. You can also submit assignments.

  • Viewing your grades

    You can find your grades and study progress in the OSIRIS system.

  • Contract education

    Do you want to advance your knowledge in an academic field within the social sciences, but don't have time for a full course? Then contract education at the Faculty of Social Sciences might be something for you.

  • Sustainable Bachelor’s courses

    Want to take sustainability courses during your Bachelor’s degree? Find out which courses are offered at your faculty.

  • Sustainable Master’s courses

    Below is a list of all the Master's courses that focus on sustainability issues.

  • Taking a subsidiary course or minor

    During your programme, you usually have free space in which you can take subsidiary courses or minor programmes at another study programme, within Radboud University or elsewhere.

  • Extracurricular activities

    Would you like to develop yourself alongside your studies? Check out the possibilities for extracurricular activities here.

  • Course and examination registration

    In OSIRIS you can register for courses and exams.

  • Overview Education and Examination Regulations (OER)

    In the OER of your study programme, you will find more information about the structure of the programme, the rules and procedures regarding education and assessment, and the rights and obligations of students and lecturers.

  • Add your personal schedule

    You can add your own study programme or courses to your timetable. Click here to find out how this can be done.

  • Rules and Regulations for Students

    Find out on this page which rules and guidelines apply to students at Radboud University.

  • Viewing your timetable

    Your timetable shows you where and when your classes and examinations will be held.

  • Theses as example

    Are you going to write a thesis? Other people's theses can help you write your own. You can find examples in the thesis repository.

  • Student portal

    The Radboud student portal contains an overview of your email, timetable, contact info, grades and news items as well as a link to Brightspace.

  • Ordering study books

    Read how you can order study books, readers, and other course material.

  • Viewing your course guide

    The course guide contains the courses and minors for your study programme.

  • View study progress in OSIRIS

    The study information system OSIRIS allows you as a student to register for courses and exams and view your study progress.

  • Study workplaces

    There are various libraries and rooms with study workplaces on the Radboud University campus. Some (group) workplaces, with or without computers, can be used freely, some have to be reserved.