On this page you will find everything you need to know about testing at Radboud University. Read more about the use of the digital assessment software, what you need to prepare for an assessment and where you can view your results afterwards.

If you're looking for the rules that apply to your specific study programme, please check the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) of your programme.

  • Taking a digital assessment

    Are you taking a digital assessment in the near future? Then you will take it on a computer that is assigned to you personally in the Comenius building or one of the sports halls.

  • House rules during an assessment

    The same house rules apply to all students while taking assessments. Each programme has its own Education and Examination Regulations (OER) with the specific rules for that programme, which include these house rules.

  • Taking a paper assessment

    Taking a paper assessment is different from a digital assessment. For example, there are different assessment locations on and off campus, you won't find a seat in your personal timetable and you have to bring your own pen.

  • Practical preparation for your assessment

    Do you have a digital or paper assessment on campus soon? If so, go through the general checklist and find out what to consider when taking a specific assessment. This will help you go to your assessment well prepared.

  • Assessment results and inspection

    The results of your assessment will be communicated via OSIRIS within 15 working days after the day on which your assessment took place. After each assessment, you are entitled to an inspection. It is also possible to appeal against the result.

  • Using assessment software

    You will take many digital assessments on campus using the assessment software Cirrus. In some cases, you may also need to use additional software such as Word, Excel or SPSS when taking a digital assessment.