Relaxation in the chaplaincy and garden

Need a moment to yourself? We provide several spaces to take your mind off your textbook or meeting paper in and around the University Chaplaincy. This includes meditating, getting creative and working in the garden.

Quiet room

Our quiet room on the first floor is always available for meditation or a moment of silence. There are suitable meditation benches available in the closet.

Creative expression

In room 1.11, there is a piano to play and you can get creative with paint, pastels and collages. You may also take the materials outside. We do ask you to sign in when you enter and neatly put away the things afterwards.

Foto van hangmatten in de tuin van de studentenkerk


In the living room, hammocks are provided to take and hang in the garden. Dangling in the hammock is especially nice with good weather.

Foto van de droomboom in de tuin van de studentenkerk

Dream tree

In the garden you can find a dream tree: a tree to lie in, dream in and imagine what it feels like to be a tree. If the tree is free, you can lie in it anytime. Would you like a blanket? You can ask inside.

The original tree was blown down due to a storm. Stadsboom reworked it into a meditation tree.

Foto tuin studentenkerk


A group of students have set up a gardening patch in the garden of the University Chaplaincy in order to work with their hands. They grow flowers and some vegetables. Would you like to help out in the garden? Please ask one of the chaplains for more information.

Wishing fence

In the garden there is a wishing fence on which you can hang a ribbon. The ribbons can be found in the living room.

Purification Grave

Because the theme of mortality and reflecting on your life from an awareness of its relativity is and remains topical, we have dug a grave in the garden where you can lie down. You decide for how long. Phones and books are not allowed in the grave. You can also think of it as a special meditation spot: earth below you, sky above you. You will then naturally notice what goes through you. Do you dare take on this challenge? If you don't want to lie in the grave, you can also sit on the bench by the grave.

You can store your phone and personal belongings in the lockers at the University Chaplaincy. You lie on a mat and pillow, so it's not so hard. Sign up to spend time at the grave. Talking about your experience afterwards is possible. Please do let us know.

The grave is open during University Chaplaincy office hours. Please sign up if you want to lie in the grave - we will give you pillows and mats.

Time: Monday-Thursday from 10 am-4 pm, and on Friday from 10 am-3 pm.

Do you have a preference for day and time? Then please let us know via email at info [at] There is currently no waiting list.