Support with loss and grief

If you have lost someone close to you, the feeling or loss can stay with you for years. In cooperation with a student psychologist, the University Chaplaincy offers guided group sessions to talk about this. In addition, it is possible to set up a memorial site or organize a memorial service.


Grief support group

The chaplains host a grief support group for students (twice a year) and for staff (once a year). Are you interested in attending? Please complete the form below.

Talk with a chaplain

The chaplains can provide assistance in coping and a possible beginning of processing in the event of a sudden death or a future expected death.

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Memorial area

Upon the death of a student or employee of the university or college, it is possible to set up a memorial area in the University Chaplaincy.

In the memorial area, you may place a photograph, light candles and place a book for condolences and writing down any thoughts and memories. The memorial area can be visited daily during opening hours.

Herdenkingsdienst studentenkerk

Memorial service

It is possible to organize a memorial service on your own initiative and/or in cooperation with one of the chaplains. Students and staff can then make their own contribution. The student chaplains can be helpful and, if desired, preside over the celebration.

The main focus is the commemoration of the deceased and the experiences and feelings of the bereaved. This can be done with religious affiliation, but it is not necessary.

Memorial celebration

A memorial celebration is held every year for deceased of Radboud University.

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Funeral in the University Chaplaincy

On occasion, the University Chaplaincy hosts funerals. The chaplains may be asked to lead a funeral as long as it involves people from Radboud University or HAN, or members of the community of the University Chaplaincy.

If the Student Chaplaincy does not offer enough space, the choice for an alternative church or location is possible. 


Would you like more information about setting up a memorial area or organizing a memorial service or funeral? Please contact the secretariat.