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You can contact the student pastors for a confidential personal conversation. This can be about things you are struggling with, such as difficult choices, study problems or loneliness, but also about your own ambitions, relationships and sexuality or questions about your faith, values or meaning.

The pastors are happy to tell you more about their life philosophy, interests and what you can discuss with them, so you can choose who suits you best.

Marieke Fernhout

Marieke Fernhout

Where did you come from and where are you going? The path between these questions is marked by stories. About who and what gives you hope and inspiration, your doubts and quests; the stories that make you who you are and through which you create your reality.

As a university chaplain, I am looking for those stories. I find them in the Bible, in music, theatre, film, literature, visual art - and in people.

Your student time is pre-eminently a period when you create new stories and I am very curious about that. I see the University Chaplaincy as an open place in the sometimes impenetrable forest of everything going on in the world - where you can catch your breath and share your stories. Or to just be together.

Jos Geelen

Jos Geelen

When I think about the University Chaplaincy, the image that comes to mind is that of an inn: a stopping place where everyone, regardless of where they stand, may come to their senses and unwind. After all, our 'backpack' fills up quickly: with joyful and less joyful experiences, with problems, questions, disappointments, pain... A University Chaplaincy as a stopping place wants to offer you a platform where you can put down your backpack, where you can tell your story and ask questions... In all discretion and trust.

For those who are open to it, there is also the possibility to search together for bright spots and pearls on your path of life. We call this spiritual counselling; by meeting regularly, we can search for answers and meaning and thus build up a dynamic, especially concerning your spiritual life.

For individual conversations and/or Catholic-related questions, I can be reached joseph.geelen [at] ru.nl (via e-mail); I am absent on Fridays and Saturdays.

Nicole Schubert

Nicole Schubert

Living life in all its facets, through trial and error - it is sometimes a challenge. So many choices, so many opportunities, but what deeply suits me? How do I relate to experiences I have not chosen?

You are welcome if you would like to explore these or other questions with an independent person. As a spiritual counsellor, I have a listening ear for your story and will help you find your life force and direction.

Within our team, I am particularly there for HAN University of Applied Sciences students and staff. It fascinates me how people search for meaning and purpose in life, inside and outside the world of religions.

Would you like to meet or explore a personal theme? Be welcome and drop by or send me nicole.schubert [at] han.nl (an email)! I am at the HAN University of Applied Sciences on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and at the University Chaplaincy on Thursdays and Fridays. German is my mother tongue and we can talk in Dutch, English or German.

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