For family expansion

Leave during pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

  • Adoption or foster care leave

    If you adopt a child, you are entitled to adoption leave. If you become a foster parent, you may also qualify for leave. You can discuss this type of leave with your supervisor. Make sure that you request your leave at least three weeks in advance.

  • Birth leave for partners

    If your partner gives birth you are entitled to maternity leave, birth leave and additional birth leave. On the page 'Birth leave' you can read exactly how much leave you can take.

  • Parental leave

    You are entitled to take 26 weeks of parental leave for each child up to eight years old. The ‘Parental leave’ page contains information about the conditions and financial implications for parental leave and how you can request this type of leave.

  • Pregnancy and maternity leave

    If you are pregnant, you are entitled to sixteen weeks of pregnancy and maternity leave. You can request this type of leave via the ‘Pregnancy and maternity leave’ page.