For other occasions

Taking leave for special events, such as a marriage or death, or other special circumstances.

  • Bereavement leave (additional)

    Bereavement leave gives you the time and space to process the loss. This leave is an addition to the bereavement leave.

  • Bereavement leave

    When a close relative dies, you are entitled to a short leave of absence. You will need to contact your supervisor to discuss your personal situation.

  • Leave for exceptional circumstances

    If you find yourself in exceptional circumstances that are not covered by the existing forms of leave, you can discuss these with your supervisor. You may be able to take additional special leave.

  • Requesting emergency leave

    There are some cases for which you may be granted emergency leave. Find out in which situations you will be granted emergency leave and how you can request this type leave.

  • Marital or civil partnership leave

    If you are planning to get married or enter into a civil partnership, you are entitled to a short leave of absence.

  • Moving leave

    If Radboud University asks you to move because of your job, you will be granted leave. The university will only ask you to move closer to the campus if you have a job that requires you to be able to get to the campus fairly quickly.

  • Care leave

    If someone close to you requires care, you can choose to take care leave. These are people for whom you are clearly responsible.