Your registration, diploma and graduating

Are you about to graduate or do you want to deregister or switch studies? You can also read about the graduation procedure, or how to withdraw before the end of the academic year.

Are you a prospective student?

Are you a prospective bachelor or master student? Then check out all the information about your application, admission and registration as a new student.

Application, admission, and enrolment for prospective students
  • Not present at graduation

    Can't attend a graduation ceremony? Please email diplomaservices [at] to cancel. A master's ceremony may be mandatory. Therefore, please also email the study coordinator if you cannot attend that ceremony.

  • Make an appointment to collect your diploma

    Were you unable to attend your graduation ceremony, did you choose to receive your diploma at the Central Student Desk, or would you like to authorise someone to collect your certificate? Then please make an appointment with Diploma Services.

  • Graduation

    Once you have obtained enough course credits, you will be able to graduate. Apply for your diploma and deregister from your study programme.

  • Proof of registration

    Some companies and organisations offer services for students, but to use those services, they will ask you for proof of enrolment. Find out how to complete your registration here.

  • Applying for your qualification

    You will be allowed to graduate when you have earned enough study credits. Apply for your qualification and deregister.

  • Certifying your qualification for advanced education

    A certified copy of your Radboud qualification can be mandatory for applying for advanced education. This can be arrange via the central student administraion.

  • Sustainability Testimony for Bachelor’s diplomas

    Did you explore sustainability issues during your studies? To prove it, you can have a Sustainability Testimony added to your Bachelor’s diploma.

  • Implications of deregistering from a study programme

    When you deregister from your study programme, you will no longer be able to take classes, sit examinations or apply for your diploma.

  • Hard cut

    In Dutch higher education, we have the 'hard cut'. The hard cut means that you can only start a Master's programme once you have completed your Bachelor's or Pre-master's programme.

  • Re-enrolment

    Are you continuing your studies in the coming academic year? Then you need to re-enrol for your study programme.

  • Register for a different study programme

    If you have already submitted a (re)enrolment and decide to change programmes, you can arrange this via Studielink.

  • Cancelling your registration

    If you have decided that you don't want to take a study programme after all, you may cancel your registration. Your registration may only be cancelled at no cost if you do so before your programme starts. Here you can find the cancellation deadlines.

  • Admission during the current academic year

    Some Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes allow students to be admitted later in the academic year. However, this is only possible if it fits in with the programme’s curriculum and if you have gained permission from the Admissions Committee.

  • Distinction

    A distinction may be attached to the examination of a study programme: cum laude or summa cum laude.

  • Withdrawing before the end of the academic year

    Read how and when you can withdraw from your study programme.