Sietske Veenman

Portretfoto Sietske Veenman
We live in a time when we cannot be passive about the future. We need to think about how futures play a role and which ones we create in everyday life.
Sietske Veenman

Sietske Veenman is a lecturer at the Department of Environmental Governance and Politics.

‘I want to get a clear grasp on how the the future plays a role in our day-to-day lives.’

‘In the beginning, people were sceptical. I used to hear ‘here comes Sietske with her crystal ball,’ every so often. People did not understand how to do scientific research into the future; after all, there are no facts about it. But I mainly research how we use the futures in the present.’

‘On the one hand, we make futures: we create a certain future through our daily choices and exclude other futures. On the other hand, we use futures. We have certain expectations for the future and anticipate it by making decisions in the present.’