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Social Safety at Work

Have you experienced bullying, gossip, aggression, sexually transgressive behaviour or power abuse at your workplace? Do you suspect you might have been exposed to some form of social unsafety? Here is information on how to address undesirable behaviour at Radboud University.

Ways to address undesirable behaviour 

Radboud University encourages you to speak up. We understand that sometimes it may feel not easy to choose the right way to deal with the situation. If talking directly to a person who is bothering you or your supervisor is not an option - a Confidential Advisor might be the right point of contact. 

Confidential Advisor

A Confidential Advisor is professional who has been trained to provide support regarding questions, signals, reports and complaints of undesirable behaviour. Confidential advisors are employed by Radboud University independently: they are not employed by specific faculties or other organisational units.

What can a Confidential Advisor do for you if you face undesirable behaviour?

  • Hear your story out unconditionally and in confidentiality 
  • Think along with you about possible solutions in your particular case: what can you do yourself, and what do you need help with?
  • Assist you in preparing for conversations with your colleague or supervisor, and, if desired, join you in the conversation
  • Support you in taking the next step (e.g. a complaints procedure) if a conflict can't be resolved at a lower level of intervention
  • If necessary, refer you to other types of support like psychological or legal help 
  • Support you through the whole process and provide aftercare

vertrouwenspersonen [at] ru.nl (Contact a Confidential Advisor)

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Another option for employees to address undesired behaviour is contacting an Ombuds officer (temporarily unavailable due to the vacancy).

The most important difference: a Confidential Adviser focuses on supporting the individual reporter, while the Ombuds officer takes a broader view and makes recommendations on an organisational level. Due to their impartiality, Ombuds officers can conduct investigations and play a mediating role between a reporter and the organisation. 

If you need more information or advice, you can also contact your HR officer.

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Training of employees

Training courses on Social Safety

Radboud University aims for everyone to be able to rely on a safe base for work or study and, if necessary, to feel safe to have difficult or critical conversations. 

An important base for improvement is raising awareness about social safety issues among colleagues. 

This is why the university has a wide range of e-learnings, workshops and training courses to help you recognize socially unsafe situations, name undesirable behaviour or actively listen. 

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