Agenda for staff

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  • Een foto van de zonnepanelen op het dak van het Maria Montessorigebouw. In de achtergrond zie je het Erasmusgebouw.

    Meeting SIG Sustainability (27-02)

    This Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on questions revolving around the relationship between teaching, sustainability (defined as care for all forms of life), and sustainable development. 

  • IMM colloquium: 'Neutral fermions and a new state of matter: weird metals disguised as electrical insulators'

    In this talk recent data from YbB12 in magnetic fields of up to 75 T are described. These and earlier results suggest a new state of matter that includes mobile, electrically neutral fermions.

  • Course Education in a Nutshell (EIN8 23-24)

    During this course, you will learn to relate basic didactic principles about learning and teaching to small group teaching at Radboud University.

  • GSH Open Lunch Meeting

    On 28 February, the GSH organises another ‘open’ lunch meeting, in which we get together to meet each other and to talk in larger or smaller groups about the things that keep us busy.

  • Poster information session tax return

    Information Session on Dutch Income Tax Return 2023

    From 1 March until 1 May 2024, you can file your income tax return of the year 2023. Is the Dutch tax system a big puzzle to you? If so, take the chance and attend the Dutch Income Tax Return Information Session on Wednesday, 28 February at 16:00.

  • The NeurotechEU Internship Program

    NeurotechEU Internship Program at the University of Bonn

    Discover a state-of-the-art research lab at the University of Bonn through the NeurotechEU Internship Program.

  • Natuurkunde studenten maken samen opdrachten

    PPO Inspirational session

    To prepare students well for the future, developing a personal and professional identity is crucial. On February 29, we look at inspiring assignments that teach students to reflect on their own development.

  • Partnership event Alliander & Radboud Universiteit

    Alliander and Radboud University will celebrate two years of intensive collaboration. We would like to invite you to commemorate this milestone during a festive meeting for employees and students of both organisations.

  • Bijeenkomst resultaten eerste jaar samenwerking met Alliander

    Partnership event Alliander & Radboud Universiteit

    Alliander en de Radboud Universiteit vieren op 29 februari 2024 twee jaar intensieve samenwerking met een open event voor alle medewerkers en studenten van beide organisaties.

  • Training Thesis and internship supervision (TIS9 23-24)

    During this training you will learn more about the didactical background of thesis and internship supervision. We will also take a look at what students need, what their programme requires, and what supervision style you prefer.

  • Picture of Eline Jammaers

    Trajectories of inclusion

    In this event, we will discuss the underexamined possibility of organisations becoming less inclusive over time and explore the role of relationality patterns in shaping such trajectories.

  • broodje gezond

    TLC Innovation Lunch March

    AI technology is on the rise in the education field. Discover at this innovation lunch how Tim Riswick uses Al software to make historical research more effective.

  • Denkend uit de crisis | Lezing en gesprek door filosoof Jan Bransen

    Thinking Our Way Out of The Crisis

    Dutch lecture and conversation We can arrive at a solution to the climate crisis. We can design our education system substantially differently. An attitude as a debutant can help us emerge from the crisis.

  • GSH Workshop 'Roos van Leary' (English)

    With the communication model called ‘Roos van Leary’, you are not only able to analyse and predict communication styles and patterns, but also to influence them.

  • Groep studenten aan het werk buiten op de campus

    Kick-off meeting SIG Academic (Learning) Communities

    On 7 March 2024, the Special Interest Group Academic (Learning) Communities will be launched. Are you interested and/or do you want to contribute to this initiative? Then sign up for the kick-off meeting.

  • Actualiteitencolleges - Foto Sarah Danz

    Current Affairs Lecture | A Scientific Perspective on the News

    Come to the Current Affairs Lectures. Get inspired by the scientists of Radboud University and construct your own opinion about current affairs.

  • Joint Online Mathematical Relativity Colloquium: Rita Teixeira da Costa

    Join the Joint Online Mathematical Relativity Colloquium (JoMaReC) with Rita Teixeira da Costa from Princeton University and the University of Cambridge.

  • Foto van een bijeenkomst in het Huygensgebouw

    Faculty of Science Meet Up

    Faculty of Science Meet Ups are for staff and students of the Faculty of Science. The goal is to catch up, celebrate achievements, and share special moments from the faculty.

  • Awkward silences, crickets, eyes searching for the exit. A first date is often uncomfortable.

    Awkward Silences and Other Conversational Discomfort

    Awkward silences, crickets, eyes searching for the exit. A first date is often uncomfortable. Why do conversations can be so cringe and awkward? Learn about the hidden system beneath conversations.

  • Knowledge that Matters

    International Women’s Day 2024

    Every year, the interfaculty network Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies and the Radboud Women Professors Network organise International Women's Day at Radboud University.