All information for staff

An overview of all information and services that the university offers to its employees.

All services for staff

Academic calendar

The academic year schedule: holidays, exam weeks, and more.

Associations, networks, board positions and participation

Participation opportunities, networks and associations for employees, and support for students who are active in a student organization or who want to start a new activity.

Campus facilities

Facilities and services offered by Radboud University.

Employment matters

Everything about your employment conditions, salary, days off, career opportunities, reporting sick, working conditions, claiming costs and more.

Getting to the campus and parking

Parking and campus accessibility.

Going abroad

Everything about studying, doing an internship, working, conference visits, and more abroad; such as options, preparation and scholarships.

Guidance, advice and complaints

The help and support you can get from the university if you experience problems during your studies or work.

Living, working, and studying in the Netherlands

Information for foreign employees and students who come to Radboud University.


Information for upcoming and current PhD students.

Your personal information & card

Change your personal information, like a change of address or updating your profile page on the website, and everything about your student or staff card.