Assessment methods

Assessment and appraisal at Radboud University generally knows six assessment methods. You can use these seperately, but also often in combination with each other to assess students within your course.

Exam with open questions

An exam with open questions consists of questions where the students formulates their own answer. The answer that needs to be given consists of one word, a few sentences or a comprehensive elaboration. 

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Exam with closed questions

An exam with closed questions consists of questions where the student picks the correct answer from a number of given answer options. The student does not formulate their own answer.

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Portfolio assessment

A portfolio is a collection of materials, documents and/or files with which the student can show their competence. With a portfolio assessment, the appraisal of a student’s competence is done by means of that portfolio.

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Performance assessment

With a performance assessment, the appraisal of the competency of a student takes place by observing their actions when performing a certain task.

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Oral exam

An oral exam is an interview between the lecturer/examiner and a student or small group of students. The goal is to determine the degree of competence in a given field.

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Competency-based interview (CBI)

A competency-based interview (CBI) is an interview between you as the examiner/assessor and a student or possibly a small group of students. The goal is to determine the level of competency in a certain field.

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