Organising an inspection of a digital exam on campus

Organising an inspection of a digital exam requires some preparation by the examiner. There are also some important instructions for the examiner as well as the students.


  1. Information beforehand

    • There is an E-support employee present during the inspection. They will make sure the room is ready for use and will boot all the computers. The E-support employees are not present in the room for the entire duration, but, if requested, are available via phone. See the instruction form in the room for contact information.
    • There is no surveillance at an inspection. E-support employees can not be used for this. If surveillance is desired during an inspection, you will have to arrange this yourself.
    • The inspection takes place in one or multiple rooms. Rooms starting with COM.A are in the Comenius building A, rooms starting with COM.B are in the Comenius building B.
  2. This is how an inspection works

    1. Report to the main entrance of either Comenius building A or Comenius building B, depending on where the inspection takes place. An E-support employee will meet you there, ask what tools you want to use and share the PIN number of the exam (if needed). Available tools for the examiner are:

      ~ Use of a lecturer computer with touchscreen and Microsoft INK (recommended for inspections with large groups, so all your notes are visible on all screens in the rooms).

      ~ Use of a (digital) whiteboard.

    2. If you want to show your own files or documents on the large screens present in the room, make sure you bring these on a USB stick or that the files are available online. It is not possible to connect your own laptop.
    3. Students arrive and take their seats in the room. Students can pick an available locker and seat themselves.
    4. Both you as well as the students are expected to comply with the following rules:

      ~ Eating and drinking is not allowed during inspections.

      ~ Students’ jackets and bags must be kept in the lockers because of (fire) safety.

    5. Students go through the following steps to take part in the inspection:

      ~ Log into the assessment software.

      ~ The inspection is available by pressing ‘upcoming’ (top right corner) and then ‘completed’.

      ~ The student can view the exam with the help of a PIN number.

    6. During the inspection, the E-support employee will be in a different room. E-support can be contacted by calling the phone number stated on the form.
    7. If necessary, do not forget to take out your USB stick from the main computer before the inspection is finished.
    8. An E-support employee will shut down all computers in the room.