Designing education

On this page you will find information to help you design education. Read more about design principles, video in education and formulating (group) assignments.

Formulating learning objectives

By formulating learning objectives you can make clear what you want students to achieve in your education. You can formulate learning objectives on different levels. You can use task objectives, course objectives and final qualifications.

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Constructive alignment

Constructive alignment by Biggs & Tang (2011) is a principle you can use to shape your education. Constructive alignment is about purposefully connecting learning objectives, learning activities and assessment with each other. 

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Designing a course

Designing a new course can be overwhelming. Where should you start? Often you don't start from scratch, but you renew an existing course.

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Taking over a course

A lot of things come into play when taking over a course or preparing your education. This manual gives you a number of handles that will make this process easier.

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Course about course design

During this course from Education Support, you will learn how to improve the design of your own course. You do this creatively, using theories about active learning, (formative) feedback, the functioning of the brain, and evaluating your education.

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Twee mensen die notities maken op hun laptop en op papier.
Vrouw in studio voor green screen

Radboud Educational Clips

Radboud Educational Clips is a creative team with different specialties. They have educators, videographers, graphic designers, and scriptwriters available to help you with multimedia in your teaching.

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Rubrics in education

Rubrics describe accomplishments from students on different levels and provide both the lecturers and students with insights into the learning developments and learning achievements.

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Designing a course manual

The course manual is the first place a student checks for information on a course. Everything that a student wants to know about a course, has to be available here.

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Formulating assignments

To help you with formulating an assignment, we have created a short checklist with key questions. If you can answer these questions positively, then you can assume you have created a clear assignment.

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Designing and assessing group assignments

Group assignments are a valuable addition to students’ individual learning process. In group assignments students are not only challenged to use their academic skills, they also need to use social skills.

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New lecturers

As a starting teacher at Radboud University, you have a lot to deal with. A new working environment, your own course, testing and the University Teaching Qualification. We have listed the useful information for you in a clear overview.

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Do you have any questions or are you looking for more information? The Teaching Information Point of your faculty will be happy to assist you.