Daniel Blanco Ania about using the Lightboard in Educational videos

Portretfoto Daniel Blanco
By using a lightboard students can not only see everything you’re drawing, they can see you as well
Daniel Blanco Ania
Current role
Lecturer Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Daniel Blanco Ania is a lecturer at Synthetic Organic Chemistry. For him, videos in education are perfect for teaching Organic Chemistry, because drawing molecules can be visualised well with the help of a Lightboard.

Daniel likes to approach things like giving online classes  differently. Because of that he started using the Lightboard, and he currently uses them for multiple occasions. One of his courses is provided completely with the Lightoard. Daniel is very satisfied with the video’s. “The end result is amazing and the students love it.” He recommends using the Lightboard to everyone, even when all classes are on campus.