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Tell your story using multimedia content. In their studios, Radboud Educational Clips can help you tell your story on video by making use of PowerPoint or animations. Or talk about your subject during a podcast.

A man wearing a cap looking through the lens of a camera


Record an educational video in one of our greenscreen studios or on location. You can use PowerPoint or add animation to visualize your content. Together with Radboud Educational Clips you will look what fits best with your subject, write a script and guide you through the recording process.

Man with beard and glasses writing on a lightboard.


This kind of video is especially suitable for people who like to work with a blackboard in a classroom setting. The presenter writes on a glass board with a neon-colored markers.

Two women wearing headphones and sitting at a microphone


Podcasting offers the opportunity for lecturers to easily broadcast engaging audio content, which students can listen to at any time and any place.


Clip & Collect

A quick and easy way to record a basic educational clip without any outside help. In three simple steps you can record yourself in our green screen studio. After this Radboud Educational Clips will add your PowerPoint to the recording and voilà!

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Would you like to make use of video in your education? Discuss your plans and explore the possibilities together with the Radboud Educational Clips team.

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