Work method when creating a video

To help you with your recording process, Radboud Educational Clips has put together some tips & tricks. From the intake up until the moment the final video is accessible for your viewers.

Photo of a woman and a man sitting next to a laptop.


You have an idea on how you want to use video in your course. Radboud Educational Clips will help you choose the type of video and get you started.


Formulate your goals and what you want to achieve with your videos. From there, you can write a script and make your presentation.

Radboud Educational Clips has made some useful tutorials to help you with this step.

Watch the tutorials


After finishing your script and presentation it’s time to visit one of the Radboud Educational Clips studios and record your video.

Curious to see how that goes? Watch the video below.

A man wearing headphones sitting in front of two computer screens while editing a video.


The editors at Radboud Educational Clips will work their magic to bring everything together. You can give them feedback so the video will be exactly to your liking.

PowerPoint templates

While recording a video, you can make use of a PowerPoint to help support your story. There is a template for employees of Radboud University and one for employees of the Radboudumc. Download one of the templates below and get started.