Formulating an assignment

To help you with formulating an assignment, we have created a short checklist with key questions. If you can answer these questions positively, then you can assume you have created a clear assignment. 

1. Is the relevance of the assignment clear? 

The description of the assignment needs to make clear what the point is of the assignment. Once that is clear, it will motivate students to work on the assignment. You can describe the relevance by indicating how the assignment relates to the learning materials and what students will learn from completing the assignment. You can emphasize the relevance by creating a link with current events or the workfield. 

2. Did you describe how the assignment should be executed?

In the assignment you will provide clear instructions on what the students will be doing and how they will do it. Clear instructions help the students understand where to start and it prevents them from skipping important steps. In addition to the instructions it is important to describe what is expected for the final product. For some assignments the students have to decide what kind of product they make, but they still need to know what demands they will have to meet.

3. Did you explain how the assignment will be assessed? 

You can add the assessment criteria or the rubric to the description of the assignment, so it becomes clear from the start what is expected of students. Sharing the assessment criteria is especially important if the assignment has an assessment purpose. It can also be useful to describe how you provide the students with feedback and what type of support they can expect from you.  

4. Did you describe the deadline and the submission procedure? 

If you explain to students when they have to submit their assignment and where and how (on paper or digital), then you can ensure that students can submit their work correctly and at the right moment.


Do you have any questions or do you need more information? The Teaching Information Point of your faculty will be happy to assist you.