Course files

Course files are a collection of a course’s documentation and is a part of the quality assurance cycle. Course files indicate the quality of a course and how education is designed. Furthermore, course files show the development of a course, is handy during course assessment and helps students and lecturers to talk about the quality of education.

Applications of course files

  • In programme committees, course files serve as a tool to bring students and lecturers together to talk about the quality of education based on factual information.
  • If the programme committee notices a course is not running smoothly, they can raise an alarm based on information in course files.
  • During the course assessment the assessment committee can use course files to see how education is designed within the study programme and what the quality of these courses is.
  • It is a great way to monitor developments within courses.

Content of course files

The course manual, course evaluations, teacher report, assessment matrix and assessment results are always part of course files. Furthermore, it depends on your study programme and faculty what other documents to be a part of course files, for example all or some parts of the course material.

Digital course files

Compared to managing course files in older systems or on paper, digital course files save time and provide a better overview.

Faculties using digital course files are: Arts, School of Business, Law, Social Sciences (only used by communication science) and the Radboud Teachers Academy.

Time gain

The system creates a dossier for the course and access is automatically provided. The files are visible as a folder in your file directory. You can easily drag documents into this folder. This way, it costs little time and effort to fill a dossier.


Using a traffic light system in the web app, you can directly see whether course files are complete (green means everything has been submitted, red means things are missing). In your courses’ overview, you can view each course's progress individually.

Getting started with Digital course files


Manual for using digital course files


Het Teaching Information Point in jouw faculteit helpt je graag bij het inzetten van cursusdossiers in het onderwijs.