Creating a teacher report

The teacher report is a form of self-reflection where you look back on the course and the assessment. You also reflect on the course evaluation and formulate points of improvement.

Content of a teacher report

The contents of a teacher report can differ per faculty. Usually the following subjects are part of the report:

  • The subjects that are talked about in the course evaluation, for example the content of a course, the meetings, the assignments, the assessment, how you filled your role as a lecturer, how the communication with students went and how students committed to the course.
  • A lecturer reflection on the feedback in the student evaluation.
  • A reflection on the assessment, possibly based on the assessment evaluation you did yourself.
  • A conclusion and possible points of improvement.


Some faculties have a fixed format which you can use to write your teacher report. Do you want to know whether your study programme or faculty has their own template? Please inquire with your programme coördinator.

Template teacher reflection


Het Teaching Information Point in jouw faculteit helpt je graag bij het maken van een teacher report.