Events for lecturers

  • broodje gezond

    TLC Innovation lunch October

    How can you realistically practice intake interviews, even before you work in a hospital? Astrid Timman has developed various VR simulations in which students can practice their conversation techniques.

  • Gamification workshop

    SIG DLX workshop: Gamification

    Education is not a game. Or is it? In this workshop we will explore gamification by means of brought along board games, discover what game elements are and discuss how to weave aspects of games into your lessons.

  • Groep pratende mensen tijdens een borrel

    TLC Education Café - Art Based Methods

    The Education Café is the place to catch up with colleagues once a month on Thursday afternoons to discuss relevant, fun, thought-provoking and inspiring education topics.

  • broodje gezond

    TLC Innovation Lunch November

    Interacting with horses lends itself perfectly to learning and practising personal and professional skills. Discover at this innovation lunch how Carolin has developed her teaching off the beaten track. 

  • broodje gezond

    TLC Innovation Lunch December

    The Critical Utopian Action Research (CUAR) method can be useful to bring about inclusive and democratic educational change. Rozi Tóth will introduce the CUAR method during this month's innovation lunch.

  • broodje gezond

    TLC Innovation lunch January

    Ilse Arnoldussen will talk about the '3D Muscle Striptease' project she set up to make a virtual image of muscles, so that students can visualize what happens in and around a muscle bundle.

  • broodje gezond

    TLC Innovation lunch February

    A lot of young people suffer from stress-related complaints and burnout. Marjolein van de Pol has developed a special prevention-oriented curriculum for medical students.

  • broodje gezond

    TLC Innovation Lunch March

    AI technology is on the rise in the education field. Discover at this innovation lunch how Tim Riswick uses Al software to make historical research more effective.