Analysing data with ATLAS.ti

ATLAS.ti is a software programme used to analyse qualitative data. You can process different types of data; documents, audio clips, video clips, and photos. ATLAS.ti can thus also be used for ‘soft’ data, not just hard statistical data. The programme supports many types of text, audio, and video files. Examples include .docx, .pdf, .txt, .wav, .mp3, .mp4 en .avi. It also allows you to visualise your results at any given moment, for example in tree diagrams.


  • ATLAS.ti is free for lecturers and students. The programme is installed on computers in the study halls and pc rooms across the campus. It is also available at employee work spaces.
  • Do you also want to use ATLAS.ti at home? You can use a Radboud University licence code to download the tool on your own devices free of charge.


ATLAS.ti offers a variety of manuals and instruction videos on their website.


Do you have questions about using ATLAS.ti? Your faculty's Teaching Information Point will be happy to assist you.