Assessing with Awards

You can show appreciation for a student’s work by allocating Awards in Brightspace. You can hand out an Award instead of a grade. Students and lecturers can then see what progress is made. Awards can stimulate students and motivate them to work on the desired development as the development is divided into tangible parts.

The functions of Awards

  • Create a matrix of skills you can connect the Awards to.
  • Determine for which course you want to use an Award as you create it.
  • Let other lecturers use the Awards.
  • Have students save their Awards in their Brightspace ePortfolio.
  • Provide students with a tool that clearly indicates their skills, which they can show to future employers.
  • Create rules with release conditions (if …, then …).


You can use the manual to learn more about using Awards.


Your faculty’s Teaching Information Point can help you with the use of Awards.